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Do not waste your time and money by creating online survey form on your own. You do not need to create own application, database and pay for hosting. Formees form designer will let you create great looking online survey form in minutes!

online survey

Example of online survey template

online survey template

You do not need any technical skills for online survey creation, even it will be few steps form wizard. It is easy as creating presentation. Registration and account creation is easy as well and it will take just a moment.

Form designer will let you use all form elements you should need. Also, there are few social media widgets, such as Facebook, Youtube, or AddThis plugins. You can even split your online survey form into more pages and create wizard. Next to online survey form by self, there can be even more content pages created, where you can add more details and explanations for example.

Given example is online survey, where you can let your employees rate their job. You can do research about brand name, or any satisfaction test.

At formees designer are many templates available and any of them can be used for online survey. You can fully remake any template you will start with, or you can start building your survey form at blank page.

Your online survey can be used for personal purpose as well as for you bussiness.

Whole page with your own online survey form will be available at domain you choosed within account creation, or you can copy short HTML script and paste it to your website. Online survey form created at our form builder can be easily implemented into any other page.


Create your own online survey!



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How to start?

Right bar angle left Right bar angle left 1. Create your online form.

2. Publish form for needed period.

3. Drive trafic to your page.

4. Get submission data.

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