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We want to save your time with form creation. That is why we prepared a few form templates, which are waiting for you in your account. You can start with one of them and change it however you want.


Administration examples


Form template examples

Online survey

Online survey (Employees satisfaction)

This survey template is ready to use. You can ask your employees how they like their job. Of course you can modify it and even remake it into a different questionnaire.

Registration form template

Registration form template

This template is an example of how the registration may looks like. As example, we used registration to imaginary race event.

Order form

Own order form

Would you like to offer your product or service to your customers and whole eshop is too big solution for you? Try to create simple order form at formees and add it right at your site.

Online reservation form template

Reservation form template

If you running your own small business and renting some sports goods, or recreation houses, you may be looking for online form, where your customers can make reservations. Formees will let you create reservation form in your own look and design.

Contact form template

Contact form template

If you have your own website and just want to add a contact form there, this template is for you. You can use it as it is, or do some changes and add it to your website by IFRAME.

Online Questionnaire template

Online Questionnaire template

Are you looking for easy tool, which will create and publish questionnaire with your questions in your own design? Formees is great choice!

Feedback form template

Feedback form template

Use a feedback form and find out how your customers feel about your service. Templates available are designed as a eshop and restaurant feedback form, but you can remake it into whatever you like.

Color template

Color templates

You can choose from several color versions. It is a simple form page, without any content. You can use those templates for anything you like.

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How to start?

Right bar angle left Right bar angle left 1. Create your online form.

2. Publish form for needed period.

3. Drive trafic to your page.

4. Get submission data.

Register Form examples
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